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Kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture is made of quality materials only. Our goal is to meet the specific needs of kitchen.

Living room

We have extensive experience in the production of furniture for the site, so we can create your cozy and stylish website.


Sliding door cabinets are a convenient and optimal solution to make the most of your home space.

Stair production, handrails

We produce a variety of stairs: from standard wooden to reinforced concrete and metal structures.


We produce wooden doors used both internally and externally

Interior design

We can offer exclusive interior design solutions

MDF painting

MDF painting, polishing and aging.

Manufacture of metal structures

We produce various metal constructions for furniture and not

CNS milling, filing

Milling from other production methods is distinguished by its flawless precision, which is impossible when processing materials by hand or in order to produce serial products.

Tables, coffee tables

The tables and chairs we produce are durable, with a wide range of colors and shapes.

Manufacture of skirting boards, carvings

We produce various types of skirting and carvings

Other furniture

Can't find your desired furniture? Also produces various other furniture according to spec. order

Bathroom furniture

We produce very stylish and modern bathroom furniture

Office furniture

Upgrade your office furniture, we can offer the best solution

Manufacture of wooden windows

We produce various wooden windows


We have more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of kitchen furniture, living room furniture, cabinets and stairs, so we can offer you the best quality and the best solutions.


Having done the self-assessment of the works and the agreement on the term, we keep it extremely strict, so you will always be sure that the furniture / work will be done on time.

Fair Price Guarantee

Since we are in the market for a long time, we can offer a competitive price that matches the quality of our work. Choosing us will give you the best quality for the best possible price.

free consultation

We always advise you on your work and advise you on what is best for your individual case.

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Really very satisfied, the quality high quickly produced I recommend, I was surprised.
Really high quality match the price I recommend
I was very satisfied with the furniture, we made the kitchen and the cabinets in the rooms. Designed and offered very good furniture projects for our house.
Our family is kibi, but when we saw the result we were very much surprised .. the quality exceeded our expectations. The company is strong and works diligently and responsibly.
I wanted to thank the company and the director of UAB Arbald, the non-standard home kitchen equipment was faster than we expected, the quality exceeded my expectations, now my wife is happy with the children in a comfortable layout and beautiful colors.
Jonas Makštys
Thanks to quality kitchen furniture. I RECOMMEND

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